Susan Aldridge – Choice and Voice in the Multicultural/Multigenerational Classroom

Choice and Voice in the Multicultural/Multigenerational Classroom

Not too many years ago, college students were, for the most part, fresh out of high school and culturally homogenous, with minds that were essentially “clean slates” waiting to be filled with useful facts and functions. So when all was said and done, our “one size fits all” model of higher education, with its textbook-driven, faculty-centered, talk and test methodologies worked relatively well for the vast majority of students we served.

But today’s college classrooms are increasingly more multicultural and multigenerational, thanks in large part to shifting demographics; record numbers of international students; and the rising professional demand for continuous education. In this changing landscape, our one-size model is quickly becoming obsolete – although that should come as no surprise, given what we know about the impact of diverse perspectives, preferences, and proficiencies on the learning process itself.

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