Online programs navigate learning curves

Online programs navigate learning curves
The CMU online experts say universities have been, overall, slow to embrace online education. The likely reason: They realize it isn’t easy to do right.

Students, meanwhile — especially adults in the workplace — are champing at the bit for it, statistics indicate. They want it because it fits their increasing need for higher education at their own pace, in their own space, and because it works well in a new, job-hopping environment that requires short bursts of focus on specific skills that serve career goals.

“As with any technology, it takes time as well as practice to test their capabilities and optimize their effectiveness,” says Drexel University Online President Susan Aldridge.

“Online education isn’t something you do by the numbers,” Aldridge adds. “It’s an ongoing process of discovery and improvement, which is guaranteed to produce mistakes along the way. By embracing those mistakes, we are learning to navigate the roadblocks in a way that defines and leads to true success, for both our students and our faculty.”

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