Certificate Programs: The “New Black” in Professional Development

Certificate Programs: The “New Black” in Professional Development - A publication by Dr. Susan Aldridge

In today’s ever-evolving workforce, lifelong learning is the key to gainful and fulfilling employment—which is why successful professionals are always on the lookout for quality continuing education, designed to drive career advancement.
That being said, industry-relevant, postsecondary certificates are fast becoming the “new black” in professional development, at a time when employers and employees alike are increasingly focused on maximizing their return on training and tuition investment.
In fact, studies show that certificates can indeed serve as a gateway to higher pay (as much as 25 percent), increased responsibility and greater job satisfaction—especially when provided by a highly regarded and regionally accredited university, with a vast network of industry partners. And online certificate programs offer a unique opportunity to fit professional development into busy schedules and workplaces, by making it possible to complete them from anywhere, at any time.

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